Monday, April 16, 2007

Richard Gere Kissing (or smackdown) Shilpa Shetty

Did you ever thought of creating a scene in front of the audience ? Think about it... May be one Hollywood star could, and see how obvious Richard Gere can be with an Indian beauty goddess - Shilpa Shetty. When i saw this on the News, im curious on what extent the Hollywood star did in such a point Indian people would like to have a protest on it. Went to search from then - Walahhh .... muah... muah... muah... hmmm... That's why ! Well you should not better miss this one and it may lead to a scandal...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

All new VIOS 2007 ("My Design, My pride")

Here's another Japanese car maker whose name is leading the way to the wave of the future for automobile industry. Toyota has introduced another innovation for its VIOS cars. The all new Vios 2007 has been introduced as the 3rd generation model. It was introduced already in Thailand last March. Many of the skeptics observed that the design came from Thailand's Toyota Belta and Toyota Yaris sedan combined. Well, what ever it was I can't wait to get one of this kind. Click here to see more images (inside and out) or you may watch this commercial ad.

Friday, March 16, 2007

All New Honda CR-V 2007

"Wanna ride !!!" Tell you what, I'm going to feature the newest favorite SUV in town - Honda CR-V 2007. You can rate the over-all performance of this vehicle when got one. But let FUEL tv tell you more about their reviews and experience. As we all know, SUVs truly a "jewel" on the road. Passengers felt its comfort and luxury inside and out. So if you are planning to buy a new car this year, try saving a little bit more and purchase one. Watch this clip and try to learn more its features.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 3rd Lunar Eclipse

Stargazers must have been "wowed" by a heavenly body phenomenon during the night of March 3, 2007. Scientifically speaking, the earth's direction of rotation moved on the middle of the alignment with the moon and the sun, blocking the moon which makes it color black, red, then to full moon. The last time a lunar eclipse happened 3 years ago. You may read more details on this news article and watch this video clip taken from England and see how it all happened (nice clip).